Our school

School Map 2016 (pdf 27 KB)

At Wheeler Heights Public School, we aim to ensure that all our students gain the knowledge and skills they need to become active and creative participants in society.

The school has a strong reputation for providing quality education in a caring, supportive and physically attractive environment. This is achieved through the provision of diverse programs emphasising the development of students' skills in literacy and numeracy and teaching the values of respect and responsibility. Students benefit from extensive creative arts and sports programs, both within and beyond the curriculum, which foster their overall development.

Achievement of the school's aims is greatly enhanced by the support of an interested and involved community. The Wheeler Heights Out Of School Hours Centre (WHOOSH) offers an excellent before and after school childcare program.


Wheeler Heights Public School Profile 2015

SCHOOL:      Wheeler Heights Public School    SCHOOL CODE:     4249

SCHOOL ADDRESS:   36 Veterans Parade, Collaroy Plateau NSW 2098

PHONE:        9971 8352  /  9982 2475     FAX:   9982 5617

SCHOOL EMAIL: wheelerhts-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

SCHOOL WEBSITE:  www.wheelerhts-p.schools@det.nsw.edu.au

SCHOOL REGION: Northern Sydney      GROUP:     Peninsula

ELECTORATE:       State - Wakehurst                            Federal – Mackellar


TRADITIONAL CUSTODIANS:   Guringai                    

STUDENT POPULATION (tbc) 546         STUDENT COMPOSITION: (tbc) 16% NESB children

PRINCIPAL:             David Scotter

EXECUTIVE STAFF:  Liz Armstrong (DP), Bronwyn Newbold, Rachael Tekampe, Cindy Waldock, John Williams.

SCHOOL MOTTO: Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best.

SCHOOL FOCUS: Improved academic achievement for every student.


Mon-Fridays inclusive

8.45 - 9.15     All teachers to be present; Student playground or wet weather supervision

9.15                Bell rings for commencement of classes

11.15 -11.40  Recess

1.10 - 2.00     Lunch

3.15                Bell rings for student dismissal.